Keeping Maine Seniors Warm

The Morningstar Home Heating Relief Fund

Maine winters are beautiful, but can be brutal without the means to adaquately heat your home.

Morningstar is here to ensure Maine seniors stay warm! Born of Lesa Lemar’s desire to help low-income Maine seniors connect to home heating assistance, the Morningstar Home Heating Relief Fund helps our most vulnerable neighbors. While we tend to believe that our senior population is well-cared-for, this is often not the case. A 2019 Portland Press Herald article reports that 40% of independent Maine seniors are still financially insecure.

For Maine seniors, navigating the myriad local and state agencies to secure assistance can be daunting. Lesa experienced this first hand while advocating for her father, who is on a fixed income and had trouble accessing the assistance he needed. The process and frustrations inspired Lesa to create a fund to help more Maine seniors struggling with similar situations.

To distribute funds, we have partnered with the Maine Community Action Partnership (MeCap). Founded in 1965, MeCap’s focus is to improve the quality of life for Mainers in need. We are excited to give 100% of each dollar raised to MeCap for immediate and impactful heating relief.

While we cannot make an impact in all areas for all people, we do aim to help in some impactful way. The Morningstar Home Heating Relief Fund is one small way we can give back.

100% of the money raised will be dispersed to persons in need of home heating assistance.

Things we all need to know:

  • Maine has the oldest population in the US.
  • 75,000 Maine Senior Households are financially insecure
  • 7% of Maine senior households have an annual income of less than 10K and 28% less than 20K
  • 26% of Maine residents 60 and over received food stamps in the last year
  • The average Social Security Income in Maine is $16,356/year (Sourced from
– Keeping Maine Seniors Warm

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OUR MISSION: The primary purpose and mission of the Morningstar Home Heating Relief Fund shall be to provide home heating assistance to Maine seniors who live on a fixed income; but not, however, to operate at a profit or for the benefit of any member of the fund.

The Morningstar Home Heating Relief Fund was started by our Schedule/Administrative Coordinator Lesa Lemar, in honor of her father, Jack Maier.

– Keeping Maine Seniors Warm

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