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Soapstone is unique, with properties unlike other stones such as limestone, granite, marble, bluestone, or slate… One of the most popular materials it stands the test of time in beauty, stability and low maintenance. Morningstar is proud to stock and fabricate this beautiful stone from right here in the US as well as from around the world thanks to Dorado Soapstone. The newly re-opened Churchill quarry produces some of the most desirable stone found anywhere in the world. We carry over 100 full slabs of soapstone in our indoor showroom.


Maine Seaside Country Kitchen


Soapstone Kitchen with Island

Updated Antique Colonial


Soapstone sinks have been in use in this country for over 100 years and have assumed a special place in our New England architectural vernacular. We have embraced this practical New England spirit and have established a unique blend of traditional rabbet joinery with the accuracy of modern CNC milling. Precision is key, but there is no substitute for the hand-crafted finishing and careful assembly that our sink crew gives to every job.


Material – Soapstone

Style – Traditional honed finish with mitered joints


Material – Soapstone

Style – Honed finished, mitered joints with sloping interior for drainage

Material – Soapstone

Style – Traditional honed finish with mitered joints

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