The Art of Templating

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Material selection can be one of the most exciting moments a homeowner encounters when purchasing new counter tops. The choice of colors is almost endless. Along with choosing the right material, comes the decision to have your tops installed in one of three surface finishes, polished, honed or brushed. Finally, an edge profile needs to be selected.

The area that often goes unnoticed by many is the onsite template. This is where our expertise can make a difference. Remodeling an existing space or new construction can present many unforeseen challenges for our templater.

The images here are of a new construction project being templated by Drew Mayer. One would think we would just go in there and scan everything with our very cool toy, the Proliner. There is actually quite a bit more involved. Upon arrival, Drew immediately noticed that his plans were different than the actual kitchen; a window had been added by the sink. We run into this quite frequently as plans change. With this in mind, Drew had an in-depth conversation with the general contractor on how the stone was going to fit this new space; what type of corner, etc. This was the first of several conversations Drew had that day.

Drew’s next conversation was with the homeowner about the countertop overhang in the laundry room. Then, two more conversations with the general contractor regarding the fireplace and other slight changes that took place. A 15-minute discussion with the tile contractor on the master bath led to another conversation with the homeowner about outlet locations above the vanity. We don’t do electric, but Drew used his experience to offer a satisfying solution to her.

After fine-tuning the specifics, it was time to start templating. This attention to detail provides our fabrication shop with the right information to make the installation go as smooth as possible.

In most cases, we will send the same templater to complete your installation. This will be helpful, as Drew will know exactly what to expect when he installs the finished tops.

Choosing your material and finalizing the details are exciting, but the real work begins once we arrive at your job site for the first time. Handling this critical step right, makes every other phase of the job run smoothly.



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