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There are several choices to take into account when deciding on the surface finish of your natural stone. For many years, the only option offered to our clients was a factory polished surface.

What are my options? Polished, honed and brushed are the choices. Here at Morningstar, we have the capability to offer all three different finishes on almost all natural stone. 


The shiny finish of a polished countertop is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about granite kitchen counters. It’s a highly reflective, mirror-like finish that some feel makes the kitchen or bath more spacious. Polished tends to be more formal.

Design: Knickerbocker Group / Polished Finish

Honed Finish

Tied with Brushed as the most popular finish amongst our clients. It is smooth to the touch and creates a soft, satiny feel. Often it is compared to a matte finish. This look works well in any style you choose, and lends a warmer feel than polished.

Honed Finish



Like honed, brushed is very popular with our customers. This finish brings out the natural characteristics in any stone. Each material will have its own distinct texture when we are done with the process; a subtle soft grain, to a more aggressive feeling, it depends on the makeup of the stone.

Brushed Finish

Of the three finishes we offer, honed and brushed are far and away the most popular. To date, only an estimated 20% of the countertops we fabricate are still being installed with a polished surface. A significant change from 10 years ago.

What is the best choice for my project? Regardless of your design choice, honed and brushed work very well across the board; from contemporary to traditional, our clients are overwhelmingly choosing one of these two options. Interesting to note that when people see honed and brushed, they are more likely to want to feel the surface. We find these to be more inviting.

What about sealing the different finishes? The finish you choose has minimal functional value to you as a consumer, as it is intended to provide a specific look. We seal every piece before it leaves our facility. It’s worth noting that the products we use are intended to have a lengthy life span. If you’ve done any reading on the internet, you’ll see all sorts of worries about different finishes being more susceptible to etching and or staining. If a particular stone is vulnerable to etching and staining, the finish you choose will not make it worse, but may actually help disguise these areas. Whether you select polished, honed or brushed, you will have a durable, sealed and beautiful countertop, backsplash, vanity, that will last for many years.

Morningstar Finishing Machine

Your choice of finish comes down to the specific vision desired. Some like shiny, more formal, while others love the feel of honed or a brushed material. There is no wrong choice.

Here at Morningstar, surface finishing is a part of our day to day fabrication process!

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